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SKG The Best ( Freestyle Music Video )


Following a high-energy, thirty-second introduction, SKG proceeds to spit bars relentlessly yet with a mellow, confident rhythm for the remainder of this new track.

The aptly titled single The Best sees the artist delve into her own story and set of intentions as a rapper in an open and colourful way. Backed up by some fairly retro synths and a sort of dance-ready vibe and hype, the secure flow of the rapper’s verses adds a clever contrast, and keeps listeners focused on the story and the movement of the vocal within the soundscape.

As a motivational indie hit, The Best works hard to leave its mark, and SKG impresses increasingly with her wordplay and rhyme schemes – alongside that honesty and sense of unstoppable drive.

The whole thing is fairly brief at barely past the two-minute mark, but thanks to that keen energy and musical brightness, it hits with greater impact than the short time-span would otherwise allow. In the same instance, the accompanying video strikes with a multi-coloured array of visuals and the artist herself lost in the moment and the performance. It’s simple yet effective in terms of the context and aims of the track.

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