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SirenBlue Obsolete


Following an extended hiatus, the UK’s own SirenBlue return this season with a second full-length album in the pipeline and a beautifully dreamy single at the forefront.

Obsolete is the new release, a soaring rock soundscape both cinematic and organic in equal parts, with softly enchanting vocals relaying complex thoughts that connect on a profound level.

Featuring strong riffs and synths united in a cascading ethereal realm, Obsolete promises a likable groove and a notably more immersive overtone of neo-classical layers and fullness. Bring through that leading voice, a softly sultry, lower-toned female pitch with a modest rasp, humbly mixed but striking in its emotional presence and distinction, and the whole thing sounds lush.

The single Obsolete emerges complete with an hypnotic set of animated visuals, warping and rebuilding before our very eyes, and effectively captures attention for its structural sense of purpose, its direct addressing of the listener with regard to this ‘world of uncertainty’, and indeed the simplicity and appeal of the groove and melody. There’s escapism on offer, and a welcomed touch of character and integrity alongside that – qualities that will no doubt help light up the space around the impending album.

SirenBlue continue on their quest to bring thoughtful, finely crafted and engaging music back to centre stage. Obsolete has the arena vastness of a movie soundtrack, a sort of U2 meets Texas blur of influences, but it’s ultimately a sound that’s enchanting and easily recognisable in itself. I look forward to the full length project.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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