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SirenBlue Every Other Weekend


The UK’s own SirenBlue keep the grit and pace of indie rock alive and kicking with the heavily energising new single Every Other Weekend.

Featuring a multi-layered organic rock arrangement of cascading riffs and crashing drums, Every Other Weekend brings in the band’s leading vocal for an edge of pop-punk and, actually, a twist of nostalgic rock leadership in the vein of Blondie.

The single is an absolute anthem, somewhat grungy in its vocal placement but fascinating by lyrical storyline and intriguing for its clear sense of identity and originality within the current scene.

Then we get the rise up for the hook, complete with distant vocal support to further that anthemic, all-together-now embrace, and the whole thing progresses from good to great.

High-energy yet humble in delivery, SirenBlue showcase the very best of their sound with this release. The set-up is exciting, rooted amidst the dawn of the genre but fresh in detail and presence. The vocal is quietly confident in paving its way towards that hook, then the hook rightfully brings the real poetic reflection of the concept – everything resolves, uplifts, connects for its vulnerability and realness.

Meanwhile, the solos bend to stylishly reinforce the passion of the instrumental pause, and the sudden end of the track effectively urges you to replay it once more – which you most likely will, at volume.

Brilliant, and merely the beginning – the album Same But Different is well worth knowing about.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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