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Shomari It Is Til It’s Not


Mellow waves of subtle euphoria wash over as producer and artist Shomari starts up this latest six-track EP of originals.

Beginning with a unique fusion of jazz-style hi-hats and organic bass, alongside multiple synths and strings rising and falling, Exploit presents the style and emotions of the work in an instantly likable way. Shomari blends familiarity, thus comfort, with unorthodox origins, and the result is decidedly refreshing.

Swarm follows and we’re starting to see the calling cards of a producer with a distinct identity. New layers, similar rhythms, electronic bass and subtle intermittent riffs make up a new journey. Each track is undoubtedly brief, more than half not quite reaching the two-minute mark, but the music speaks volumes in that time.

Consider the switch to piano then heavy fuzz for Clay. The EP proves a completed art-piece – not six separate ventures, but one story; with several pages at its core. Easy-going yet original and rather striking melodies follow unexpectedly upfront drumlines, along with just enough space for the imagination to rightfully wander. As such, It Is Til It’s Not becomes something of an individual experience for each who delves in.

With Brink, a little more cinematic of a mood ensues, a long-form melodic thread and meandering, varied rhythms, mildly haunting intentions. Still we remain rooted in the style, Shomari outlining a production technique undoubtedly recognisable.

Medal is a personal stand-out, the drum sound remains but we also get an addictively simple yet satisfying riff – high-energy though light overall, inviting the body to hype itself up a little. Something like the lo-fi chill-study soundtracks of recent years, only not – more natural, more exciting in short bursts, and with far more clarity.

Wrapping up the EP is Impulse, dreamy twinkles and details filling out the space a little more, that real-time drum work still at the forefront. It’s all over before you can really reflect on where you’ve been, but the benefit of that is that a repeat listen is almost guaranteed. Shomari has mastered the space, and in an enjoyably humble manner. Worth a listen.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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