Stylishly blending a dreamlike yet rising soundscape & beat, with a higher-toned vocal style & writing manner similar to that of The Weeknd, Proper Einstein sets the mood with ease throughout this new RnB release Commercials.


The beautiful, glistening and clean production creates the perfect backdrop for the narrative, and some smart decisions around the mix and vocal capture, double-tracking and reverbs all compliment City Lights. Long may we bask in them, when they sound this lush and opulent.

Electro PopPop

The creative life follows pathways as meandering as the artist’s own writing habits, and this track encapsulates that. Both Tolen and Saint Crown deliver with confidence and determination, adding in pace and grit but never so much so that it takes away from the fluidity of the music. 

Alt PopHip-HopRnB

There’s a sense of identity to it, those contemporary hip hop layers are still present – the rhythm, the confidence, the leadership vibe and a sense of independence – but musically and indeed in the way POPMFS has structured this, the whole thing speaks volumes for originality and creative freedom.