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SheerVibes: Bikram Holding Me Back (Feat. Ben Diall)


Offering a colourful and warming last serving of summertime, SheerVibes bring music fans the uplifting good energy of a tropical house track with an easily recognisable backbone. The opening instrumental melody has a slightly world-like aura to it, vaguely tribal and distinctly organic. After this, the song evolves into its electronic role, though delicacy remains a huge part of what makes it such a pleasure to listen to.

The leading vocal on this single, provided by singer Ben Diall, is one that’s equally smooth and gentle, almost whispered to you – as if it were merely another instrument within the mix. The added benefit though, is this inherent sense of possibility and drive. When we turn to music, often it’s to escape from our reality for a while – other times it’s to enhance a certain moment or to give us that energizing boost and that self-empowering aura to push us to get things done. In this case, all of this is presented to the listener. The lyrics subtly but surely remind you not to let anyone or anything hold you back, and the music itself provides the perfect environment in which to set this in motion.

As you turn the track up, you notice the smooth and gentle finish of every element. It’s not a busy composition, far from it – the mellow energy and the space mean that a select few, finely chosen building blocks are all that’s needed to lay the foundation. These tropical riffs, the meandering melodies, and that ongoing, soon familiar leading voice, all give the piece a sense of identity and a hook or key characteristic that makes certain you’ll know it next time around.

The simplicity of the piece is beautiful, it works for you without drawing too much focus to the artists involved in its making. Other than the clear skill that’s gone into crafting it, the experience isn’t about anyone but you. It’s music for the music fan, and it works gorgeously in this way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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