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Shane Scarazzini West Virginia Girl


Always an act worth pausing for, though your stillness will be brief in this case – Shane Scarazzini aims higher than ever with an addictively energising, folk-rock knees-up entitled West Virginia Girl.

Quickly injecting a live-performance energy into the room, combined with blissful, crisp production that allows the natural brightness of every instrumental layer to really shine, West Virginia Girl has the makings of a timeless country classic, yet also kicks in with a certain air of refreshing clarity and expression.

In true Scarazzini fashion, and as a fine follow-up to the brilliant EP that was Dear Madeline, the new single has a story, and the voice and the music work well as one to tell it.

There’s struggle in the lyrics, but the West Virginia energy remains connected to optimism or a kind of so-be-it, that’s life sort of attitude. And this is all reflected in the sheer good vibes of the music, including instrumental fall-backs, and an arrangement that keeps your focus on the general vibe initially but soon makes certain that you’re locked in – you know the words, you know the groove, you know what’s coming; all together now…

Brilliant, a total joy to simply turn up loud and dance to or escape amidst. Here’s hoping the live scene returns to our world sometime soon – Shane Scarazzini and EightFingers will be up there with the best of them for unmissable live shows.

Download West Virginia Girl via iTunes. Check out Shane Scarazzini on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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