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Shane Guerrette Wound Up


There’s something immediately satisfying about this latest track from songwriter and musician Shane Guerrette. The classic sound of the riff, the passion and rhythm of the vocal performance, the energy of it all. The whole thing comes across as a skillful and captivating blast from the past, and yet – everything about the lyrics and the melody and the artist’s own, utterly unique voice is fresh and new and compelling. It’s a real pleasure to know that there is music being made of this caliber, music that has both style and substance, and which takes only the influence from simpler times and fuses it with something unapologetically now.

The track is one you can relate to, the music is the sort you can turn up loud and lose yourself amidst, and the artist behind it all is the sort that will compel you to seek out more. More art, more ideas, more singing, more riffs, more words. And when you do, it’s really everything you could hope for. Shane Guerrette puts everything, all of himself, into his music, and whether the performance is minimal and acoustic, or big and bold and well polished – this essence of soul and passion shines brightly. The quiet corners of his voice portray a blissful intimacy and vulnerability, and at the other side of the emotional spectrum; the bigger, louder moments come through with absolute power and precision.

There’s so much character to the sound. The added benefit in this case is that Wound Up is a brilliant song. The vibrant strength of rock and roll is presented amidst a hypnotic riff and a memorable and smooth melody, all performed with an undeniably real level of feeling and grit – perhaps the perfect combination of elements. It leaves its mark, and it’s impossible not to listen again and again after discovering. An incredible artist well worth keeping up with.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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