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Shadrack & Kristian Fabrizio Tu Cuerpo


Tribal rhythms and exotic guitars back up the culturally intertwined warmth of this new collaborative release from Shadrack and Kristian Fabrizio.

Blending those Latin flavours with a smooth, soulful vocal lead, Tu Cuerpo goes on to unite languages and poetic references across a long-form journey that uplifts and energizes. It’s a quickly accessible, joyful listen, that naturally lightens the mood of the room.

On the one hand we get the RnB fluidity and breathy passion, and on the other we get an awakening bounce of a groove that’s loaded with quirky instrumental traits and conceptual wonder all at once.

Norwegian music re-crafted amidst these Latin qualities and a generally universal chord pattern and vibe – Tu Cuerpo acts as both an easy ear-worm, and an impressive example of the bridges we can build between styles, cultures and creative expressions.

Single out Friday, 29th July. Find Shadrack & Kristian Fabrizio on IG/IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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