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An intentionally elusive SEN COV, aka MAGLEV, UK Ultraspeed, takes genre-blending and creative freedom to extraordinary new heights with a series of brand new releases.

Beginning with the fiercely energetic, industrial and cinematic Kotor, the style is immediately appealing for its sense of distance, drama and pace.

The drum-line feels separate from the chord progression at first, this haunting organ-esque delivery of music amidst the simple, raw and light placement of the DnB rhythm, relentlessly keeping things moving as the curious undertones encourage the mind to wander. It’s an interesting trait, and it keeps you listening.

Just one from an incoming fortnightly single release, the DJ and sound designer, composer and founder of Strange Planet, SEN COV has his sights set on work ethic and immersion for a creatively unignorable elevation within the scene.

Stylishly blending aspects of various electronic production genres, from future garage through to jungle, breakbeat and even grime, with plenty of experimental elements along the way, SEN COV’s heavy introduction through the drum and bass explosion of KOTOR marks a bold and intriguing moment.

Unconfined by style, driven by the music and the emotions interwoven amidst it, the mysterious SEN COV’s approach sees him reach greater plains than ever thanks to the fearlessly artistic layers that make up the composition.

Proving both familiar and fresh, Kotor emerges with a hint of remix potential, but stands tall in and of itself thanks to that unique manner of sound-design that is the SEN COV realm of identity.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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