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Scott Kirby So Many Ways


The wonderful Scott Kirby returns to light up the new year with another beautiful single. Featuring iconic piano and lashings of space for the introduction, So Many Ways begins with an instant sense of something epic building up. We’re almost in Tiny Dancer territory, that country twist of vocal and the long-form melody adding a cinematic, theatrical yet evocative depth.

Soon enough, the song finds its groove, the full-band embrace elevating an already exotic sound, and the completed Gospel arrangement melting away any anxiety or discomfort as the music plays.

Vocally sublime, So Many Ways categorically delivers the very best of Scott’s Kirby’s faultlessly soulful tone, both the softer moments and those of power helping carve out a uniquely compelling, deeply moving listen. And always we resolve with optimism, the rasp and pang of uncertainty overcome by the joyous acceptance and celebration of ‘what will be’.

Structurally the chemistry hits just right for So Many Ways, what could easily have been just another country ballad somehow found its way to being a fascinating and mighty exploration of love and connection. The stops and starts, the rise and the fall, the build up towards this fully loaded final quarter – a passionate peak from both Scott Kirby and the surrounding choir and instrumentation – everything feeds into the timeless presence and artistry of the song.

Scott Kirby has always impressed, always been worthy of a pause – stand back and enjoy the music in every case. With So Many Ways, it appears that those qualities, and all we’ve come to love about the authenticity and heart of his music, reaches intense new heights.

A beautiful single – an absolute must for the year ahead.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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