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Scott Kirby People Like You


“People like you make the world worth living in.”

* * *

Introducing an organic full-band arrangement of keys, guitars, bass and drums, Scott Kirby keeps strength of songwriting and conceptual integrity at the forefront, for the passionate and uplifting new single and video People Like You.

Instantly likable, catchy and engaging, and beautifully dedicated to a young rockstar named Elton, People Like You is not only a soulful anthem to celebrate the wonder of life, but an evocatively personal look at the happiness one specific person has brought to our protagonist.

As the chorus gathers Gospel-style momentum, the energy rises, the embrace warms you further still, and the music hits with all the more joyful gratitude and authenticity.

Individuality brings through all the gorgeous nuances of both music and life throughout the visual and audio set-up for People Like You. There’s a refreshing realness to the delivery, the vocalists and band clearly talented and united in this performance, but there’s also a clear connection to the undeniable truth of the topic, and that unquestionable purity makes all the difference.

‘People like you make the world worth living in’ resounds and repeats, hopefully appearing to hit the scene at just the right moment for many listeners. A wonderful highlight for this season, and a fine reminder of the ability and presence of songwriter and musician Scott Kirby.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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