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Sarantos D’ja Cheat


This track is by far one of the most rock and roll infused releases from Sarantos, and one of the most pleasantly infectious, too. The song opens up with a hugely organic sounding rock lay out, complete with heavy and live sounding drums, great guitar rhythm, and an inescapably energetic and joyfully distorted guitar solo.

What’s particularly great about this one is that the music really brings out a whole new edge and passion in the singer’s leading vocal performance. There are some real moments of grit and power, which is wonderful to hear, and so perfectly in keeping with the overall vibe of the music. The melody in this track is really well integrated among the music; it brings out the best in the singer’s vocal performance, but it also really effectively ties together all the separate elements of the song – so the result is that every instrument, every riff, every lyric; it all drives the sound forward as a complete unit, making this a genuinely memorable track.

It feels wrong to say it, considering the concept of the song, but the overall vibe of this piece is brilliantly uplifting. Sarantos undoubtedly has a skill for painting a very vivid picture with his music, and although the idea of cheating is an unpleasant one, the music in this case seems to dance in the face of these concerns. Musically speaking, it’s almost as if to imply that to overcome a challenge is to accept it, to make light of it, and move forward. The lyrics are explicitly reflective and questioning though, so there’s still a real-time element of worry, but the song is so big sounding and so much fun to listen to that there’s nothing sad remaining at all. This direction in which Sarantos has taken his song writing and his performing at this particular time is really enjoyable.

Listen to the song over on Soundcloud or check out the official video on Youtube. You can also browse through our other write-ups of more Sarantos tracks over on his Artist Page. Stay updated by following him on Twitter.

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