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Sarantos Deep Inside


Sarantos’ latest release is another dance-pop driven song arriving just in time for the end of the summer. The music is actually fairly spacious considering the rhythm and build up, not to mention the notably EDM-inspired melody and build up to the hook. This leaves the potential for remixes or further collaborations wide open. The simplicity gives listeners, particularly other producers or DJs, room to interpret the track and choose how else to enhance in.

Sarantos’ lyrics always keep things pretty simple. In this case, the song comes through as potentially¬†explicit in terms of its adult content, the accompanying video however touches on more of a spiritual connection than anything else. Whether you take the concept as consistently metaphorical or not is up to you, as with all music – every listener receives it in their own way. In either case, the music fits the profile in a light-hearted and upbeat manner.

Structurally the track builds up from the opening simplicity into something much more upbeat and active. The sounds and samples that come into play create a much fuller soundscape, and so as the energy of the whole thing increases, so does the detail within the instrumentation and the culmination of vocal parts as the end of the track approaches.

This is definitely a little something different for the songwriter, however this is quite commonly true for most of his releases. His creativity is limitless it seems, and this means that there’s always something unexpected on the horizon, and that just about anything and everything can be a source of inspiration for someone who lives and breathes music and songwriting. The production on this one really shows itself to be well crafted towards the latter half of the song, and the whole thing becomes notably familiar the further along you get.

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