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Sarantos Above The Clouds


Sarantos’ early release of new song Above The Clouds comes as a pleasant surprise this week, and really, it’s one of his best to date.

The music has this easy going, pop-rock ambiance about it. The melody line is simple and easy to get into, the switch to the hook has impact, and on the whole  – there’s this overwhelming sense of warmth. Most importantly though, adding to that warmth, the lyrics touch on some rather crucial and inspiring ideas. The singer makes a point of focusing in on the fact that we all have difficult days, that it’s normal, and that there’s always something better to come.

The accompanying video supports the concept and words presented within the song brilliantly. There’s a family feel to it all, an all audiences welcome vibe, a sense of togetherness – again, an important concept, particularly during times of hardship or struggle. As mentioned, the melody is simple yet hugely effective in portraying these ideas. The uplifting tone of the music works in unison with the lyrics to remind you that there are better things to come, that no matter how hard it rains, there’s always sunshine ahead of you; there’s always something better, something to look forward to.

It’s a valuable song that strikes me as one about hope. It’s a professionally crafted track that lingers in your mind long after listening. Furthermore, Sarantos’ leading voice really excels here, the passion and ease with which he delivers the melody and the lyrics is superb. I was reminded on occasion of The Eels in fact, a certain Dreamworks soundtrack that has a similar, joyful, hopeful output. It’s really just a beautiful recording, a great song, hopefully one that has a positive influence on all who hear it. A pleasure to experience.

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