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Sara Barta Trust Again


Following the inspiring and hopeful hit that was Free and Flying, Sara Barta returns this month with a beautifully intimate, heartfelt ode to love and loyalty.

Produced once again by the impressively talented Kata Kozma, Trust Again celebrates finding that one person with whom you can be entirely vulnerable and open, without fear of being hurt.

The song takes a simple approach, an acoustic set-up following the hypnotic fingerpicking of a guitar, with a few additional vocal layers that pour through as the emotion intensifies later on.

Underneath this, Sara talks of past hurt, and how difficult it can be to trust once trust has been broken, but ultimately – the song resolves with a sense of possibility, of overcoming. There’s a certain brightness and optimism to the melody, music and indeed Sara’s tone, throughout the track, which reinforces this progression into better days perfectly well.

Effectively presenting a slightly different angle from singer and songwriter Sara Barta, Trust Again connects for its purity, impresses for its skill and melodic embrace, and highlights a level of clear versatility – indicative of plenty more unexpected songs and moments to come as further releases emerge.

A beautifully personal, honest and comforting release, from an artist who clearly needs no heavy effects or quirks to hide behind.

Listen to Trust Again from December 27th. Check out Sara Barta on Facebook, Spotify, YouTube & Instagram. Follow Kata Kozma on IG.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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