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Sara Barta Free and Flying


London’s Sara Barta leads with faultless vocals and clarity of both concept and image on this latest, impressively crisp and melodically engaging new single.

Kata Kozma’s pristine production allows the soundscape and song to energise whilst also permitting Sarah’s voice the time and space within which to really shine, the finish is refreshing – the quality of the sound, the intimacy alongside of the fullness and brightness of the set-up.

On top of this is of course the song-writing, which tips its hat to classic pop and country-pop alike for its story-telling, relatability, and melodic satisfaction. This includes mellow verses that build up through both short and long-form lines, towards the ultimate embrace and boldness of the hook.

There’s also a heartfelt concept at work, which furthers the natural optimism and colour that the song and melody already present. It all resolves for the simplicity of that hook line – ‘I’m free and flying’ resounds through the room, soon drawing listeners in for a hugely anthem-like moment, and this is aptly reinforced by a well-placed chorus of voices for the middle-8.

An inspiring hit of positivity. Here’s hoping the live scene returns some time soon, where artists and fans alike can truly lose themselves in the moment.

Look out for another brand new single coming later this month. Check out Sara Barta on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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