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Samuel Vincent Deadlock


Impressively combining the appeal of a creatively intriguing soundscape and beat, with instantly gripping, imagery-laden original lyrics, Samuel Vincent drives with an unmistakable sense of character and purpose, for Deadlock.

Naturally raising the bar for authentic and intentional hip hop, Deadlock utilises the freedom of alternative production and performance to craft a classically engaging groove of equal parts darkness and style.

The result is a track that keeps you moving, keeps you interested, alongside bars that increasingly lure you in to capture every reference and build a more completed understanding of the concept.

It’s refreshingly intelligent, in short, Deadlock makes itself known but in a somewhat humble or quiet manner – gaining affection for its authenticity, its roots within the purity and realness of the scene, and its outright engaging way with wordplay and lyrical development. As such, a single listen will far from suffice in terms of satisfying that initial intrigue and allure that is the opening moments.

Vincent holds tight to his listener’s attention from the outset, but it’s not with volume or flashy effects and filler – not at all. Identity reigns, and the music and voice united deliver this with a brilliant fusion of poetic depth, grit, and rhythmic embrace.

Just the first single release from Samuel Vincent’s upcoming EP Rivalry, Deadlock is a must-hear this season.

Check out Samuel Vincent here or via TikTok & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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