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Sam Knox About The Girl


Showcasing a slight change in direction, Sam Knox’ latest release adopts a warming country vibe that suits the emotive depth of his voice and his writing beautifully well.

The new project About The Girl starts up with an Americana-kissed ballad that feels like a pop-rock anthem for lonely hearts. Things I Would Do is an organic and comforting beauty, laying bare a gorgeously intimate, revealing lyrical story, which resolves in a satisfying, classic and anthem-like fashion for its hook. A distant vocal choir begs for your imagination to run wild, predicting an all-inclusive moment of unity at a live show – an alternative hit for the broken hearted and those who revel in self-reflection or thoughts of a significant other. The song’s simplicity allows its natural strength and loving nature to really reach out and connect.

After this, Flows Over Me takes a finger-picked pathway, stripping back the setting all the more so, to underline a clean-cut, expressive and even more longing vocal line. Natural imagery meets with a sudden energy and intensity as things progress – Knox’ creativity takes over, reinforcing the rise in passion with an influx of instrumentation and a heavy, dramatic drum-line. Flickers of piano and plenty of space help create a powerful contrast with these bigger moments.

Brilliant music, refreshing songwriting in a timeless style. A beautiful pair of songs that are well worth knowing about this lock-down – particularly for those who feel so far away from their loved ones.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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