Sage Phoenix - Without Your Love - Stereo Stickman

Sage Phoenix Without Your Love


Piano-led and increasingly immersive, an ever-contemplative Sage Phoenix delivers an enchanting declaration of heartbreak and the ache of separation, for Without Your Love.

Produced by Jurriaan van Hoffen and recorded at The Kitchen Studios, Without Your Love professionally captures a moment in time – reflecting with equal parts intimacy and musical precision, on the pain of a first love lost.

Written from the heart, Sage tells a deeply personal story with the new song, yet does so in a vague enough way that the music can easily become the escapism of choice for those who have also been left behind by someone they loved.

The soulful and delicate performance carries the weight and fragility of the topic with beautifully authentic emotion, and always we resolve back to this increasingly memorable hook – that central sentiment that is the depth of lostness or emptiness, when the world appears to fall apart, as the heart is broken and the joy of the past draws further and further away.

Simple in style and effective thanks to that minimalism and the clear devotion of the vocals, Without Your Love proves a timeless hit of thoughtful, intentional songwriting, and yet another dose of heartfelt musicality from Sage Phoenix.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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