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Ryan Voss Band Lawless


Heavy riffs, satisfying distortion and powerful drums guide us into this blues-rock ambiance of reflective, contemplative songwriting.

Ryan Voss and the band set the scene with ease, laying bare a heavy outlaw vibe with the raw sound of classic rock, and a story-line that openly showcases its roots in country.

Injecting a little more intensity than the average country rock offering of late, Lawless proves an engaging, TV-ready soundscape and song – an anthem for contemporary listeners who crave the live scene and the mighty soul of well-crafted, expressive guitar solos. Throw in a surprisingly accessible, mellow yet genuine vocal line, and Ryan Voss Band effectively introduce themselves in a uniquely recognizable way.

At four minutes forty-one, Lawless takes its time to tell its story, and the middle-8 solo at the halfway point is simply a beautiful break from the structure, and a chance to reflect and lose yourself – before a second, all the more poetic and passionate verse, falls into place.

Very nicely done, a live sound that’s been missing from the scene – a scene that’s sadly been missing from our lives this year. Turn up the volume.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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