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Ryan Atkins Don’t Walk Away


Bringing together her ever-expressive, gentle and soulful vocals, with stylish trap rhythms and organic guitar work, RnB’s Ryan Atkins crafts a fresh pop alternative, with Don’t Walk Away.

Featuring hypnotic verses and riff work throughout, the song ultimately builds towards the simple resolve of its title and hook – Don’t Walk Away resounds as the instrumental quietly peaks, and the underlying sentiments linger thanks to that relentless arrangement.

Honest as ever, Ryan delves into the aches and uncertainties of the story in a notably vulnerable, fearless manner. The result is a verse structure that’s original, unpredictable, yet skilfully wrapped up by the more familiar return to a simple, memorable hook.

When the music ends, the guitar riff stays with you – as does the title line. Ryan’s songwriting and effortlessly emotive vocals work in unison to make sure that Don’t Walk Away hits with subtle yet effective impact, and that’s precisely what happens when we let it play.

Ryan’s first single from a brand new upcoming EP, Don’t Walk Away was produced by Supa Lo, and inspires listeners to stand by their promises, to value loyalty and integrity; even when times are hard.

Download or stream Don’t Walk Away here. Check out Ryan Atkins on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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