Decidedly poignant in lyric – ‘data rules everything around me…’, the track simultaneously offers a lazy vibe that creates a mellow, calming hit of escapism; heavy bass, tripped-up rhythms, spacious and dreamy synths.

Hip Hop

Proclaiming give love and heal the broken, Human takes a vague and all-inclusive approach to exploring its concept – welcoming everyone, encouraging self-love and acceptance of things and people the way they are.


Jason Bembry’s voice on this latest release melts the heart in an instant. You Should Have Known is a classically warm, organic ballad with a slightly jazz and soul infused aura. It’s a song that grows from mildly familiar to unexpectedly brilliant by the half way point, and things continue to embrace the listener right through to the end. 


You’re likely to appreciate Alden as the artist rather than simply the musician. In the way that alternative bands from a decade or two ago would take the time to build something expressive & meaningful, whatever the topic or cause, Alden has gone in for this same level of creativity.


The RnB style melody that plays the part of a verse section adds a new dynamic, the instrumental breaks are well placed, and without question, you only need to hear the single once to remember it indefinitely.