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Ryan Atkins Human


Manhattan’s Ryan Atkins balances a big-band, dreamy soundscape, with softly soulful vocals, heartfelt intentions, and a succinct yet precise and striking set of visuals for this single release.

Offering bookends that seal the intro and outro of the video with cutting spoken segments from our contemporary world, Human makes a brief melodic journey through togetherness and equality. At the same time, the song introduces Ryan Atkins’ voice, style, and image, in a subtly recognizable manner.

The melody here is partly nineties RnB inspired, leading into a bigger, pop-soaked hook that sees the passion and vocals peak at higher, soulful plains. It’s a powerful hook, the sort that makes you wish the song and video were a little longer.

Proclaiming give love and heal the broken, Human takes a vague and all-inclusive approach to exploring its concept – welcoming everyone, encouraging self-love and acceptance of things and people the way they are.

* * *

I have nothing to fear, cause all I see is you and me – just human…

* * *

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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