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Roddy. B Pretend


Blending melody and darker hip hop rhythms throughout, Roddy. B’s return this season brings a poetic outpouring and ambient hit of escapism that works on multiple levels.

From the precision of the sound design we know the work is that of Roddy. B – Ultralight introduced his style, and while there’s versatility there’s also consistently passion and professionalism intertwined.

With Pretend, the hook starts things up – a simple emo-rap style melody of a select couple of notes, with a somewhat dreamy, hypnotic musicality underneath. Then we get these rap bars making up the verses, at which point the skill of the artist as a writer really stands tall.

Featuring not a single familiar phrase or imitated idea, Pretend cleverly keeps things lyrically fresh, loaded with poetry, metaphor, and emotional intention.

While the sound from a distance fits that of the current scene, on closer inspection there are plenty of nuances to appreciate. The lyrics are a huge part of this, the likes of which reach out and impress all the more so with every revisit to the track.

Roddy. B raises the bar in a subtle yet lasting way. A strong follow-up single from an artist continuously driving with creative integrity.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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