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Roddy. B Ultralight


Focused production, catchy writing with deeply emotive undertones – a cleanly mixed fusion of passion and professionalism. Roddy. B paints an image of heartache and uncertainty with a decidedly vulnerable yet stylish Ultralight.

Offering dreamy sound-design with late-night vibes and fearless vocals of clear identity in both melody and rap, Ultralight showcases a boldly contemplative Roddy. B – an artist seeking connection, escaping into the moment for his music and gifting listeners an opportunity to do the same.

The realness is refreshing, it fills a genuine need within the scene, and this, combined with the skill and precision of the mix and the accompanying visuals, makes for a release that captivates and extends a level of understanding not often found in modern music.

Melancholy yet memorable, honest and endearing, easy to disappear into – the mood, the performance and the lyrics unite beautifully in this setting.

Ultralight proves quietly confident in its tackling of the subject matter. Well worth hearing and I look forward to future releases from Roddy. B.

Download the music via Apple or check out Roddy. B on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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