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Right Click Right Click (Sid Hagan, Marvin Taylor, Brian Wooten)


Sid Hagan, Marvin Taylor and Brian Wooten light up the space as ever, collaborating remotely for the virtual yet beautifully organic project Right Click.

To follow on from the blissful poetic warmth and rhythm of Sorrow, the now four-track EP celebrates the songwriting and production expertise of three musicians with a lifetime of musical experience to their names. While there are still at least five new songs to follow in the year ahead, this short collection marks a sublime introduction, and a timelessly heartfelt, enjoyable listen in and of itself.

Sorrow is a classic by this point, an indie gem that feels like a slept-on hit from Country’s dawn, only with the clarity of today and a supremely soulful, smooth leading vocal at the forefront. The musicianship is second to none, and reaches new peaks for the subsequent track Not Enough Time – a faster-paced progression with a riding bass line, tumbling drums and gorgeously subtle guitars.

Not Enough Time seemingly delves into our inescapable mortality in a strangely hypnotic, beautifully catchy manner – provoking deeper thought and appreciation for the current moment, and again underlining the songwriting prowess of Right Click.

Next we move into the sultry soul-rock tones of Things I Missed, the versatility of the trio raising the bar further still, yet maintaining that deeply thoughtful, distinctly human writing style that reaches straight for the soul. Then to finish, summer vibes lays bare a divine guitar solo, with gentle vocals and simple scenes that reflect again on the deeper topics of the mind.

What is That Light, written by Marvin and his wife Raven, (already noting covers by several artists) is another ear-worm – inspiring and calming all at once, authentic in its capturing of a specific moment, and musically on point for its subtle harmonies, riffs, lyrics, and the unique meeting of acoustic and electric intricacies.

Highlighting Brian Wooten on guitars, drum sequences and vocals, with Marvin Taylor also on guitars of all kinds, John Spittle on drums, and Sid Hagan on acoustic guitars and vocals, Right Click celebrates the talent, passion and precision of musicians and artists with decades of devotion behind their approach.

In short, this is a beautifully accomplished band, with profoundly engaging songwriting elevating their style and appeal all the more so – a defiant quality that quickly pays tribute to the importance of original writing in connecting with audiences far and wide. Turn these songs up loud and enjoy.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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