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Sid Hagan Sorrow


Marvin Taylor’s song Sorrow gets a fresh awakening from this collaborative take by Sid Hagan, Marvin himself, and a band of ever-passionate musicians.

Offering soul-rock swagger with a country edge and seductive rhythms, Sid’s vocal lead is sublime here – naturally connecting with the scenes, images and personal reflections of the song.

Far from melancholic musically but lyrically open enough to present a deeply human manner of contemplation, Sorrow is wonderful and woeful all at once. The sound is a pleasure to witness – you’d be forgiven for considering this a slept-on hit from some long-lost album by The Eagles.

Warm in tone, faultlessly performed, soulfully delivered by a choir of voices that quickly calm the nerves (all Sid, by the way), Sorrow is surprisingly uplifting – a timeless classic that keeps on giving.

Alabama’s Marvin Taylor leads with a honed guitar sound throughout this mix, one that stylishly speaks volumes regarding a life-long commitment to the art-form. The songwriting too is unquestionable – even at close to five minutes, the arrangement never tires, the groove simply draws you in more and more.

Also featuring Brian Wooten on lead, slide guitars and bass, with John Spittle on drums, the single has the makings of an Americana hit – gentle in its blending of genres, passionately effective in the relatable and poignant web it weaves around listeners. You can’t help but lose yourself to the rhythm and colour of the set-up, the heartache of the concept.

Once again, Sid Hagan and friends excel themselves. Poetic, powerful, all-consuming – the kind of song that begs for you to just drive and drive as the music rains down. Beautiful, heartbreaking, genuine. Enjoy.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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