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Rhett Repko Were You Ever Really Mine?


One of the things that works so well about this new track from Rhett Repko is that it somehow presents this very raw, acoustic, singer-songwriter style vibe, and at the same time emits this immense indie rock energy – both of which, together, surround you with a brilliant, uplifting warmth.

The subject matter of the song is far from joyful, but the realness and emotion embedded within the lyrics simply add to the genuine, indie feel of the whole thing. It’s music to believe in, to relate to, and to turn up loud and enjoy.

The sound of the acoustic guitar as the track opens up has both a lightness and an urgency to it. The production is beautiful so as to give off the beautiful, crisp sound of a live performance. As the leading vocal comes into play, the melody is immediately satisfying and quickly becomes familiar and memorable. The verses maintain that more mellow, acoustic feel throughout, and each time the hook steps up to the stage, led effectively by the descending melody of the pre-chorus, the power and addictive energy of it works superbly in giving the big moment the best possible impact.

After listening even just once or twice, the sound of the song leaves it’s mark. Rhett Repko’s voice has a believable and likable indie aura, the music has a promising and refreshing fusion of the nostalgic and the now, and this particular song makes for a great introduction to the artist; and an almighty start to the summer. Fortunately there’s also a self titled EP for you to embrace, similarly loaded with great vibes and some infectious riffs and hooks. A live show is likely to have every classic bit of indie rock magic that once ruled the world.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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