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Rhett Repko Thnx For The Ride


Rhett Repko’s latest release presents a hugely varied arena of instrumentation. The sound is big, leaning partly towards the distorted world of indie rock, and partly towards the more electronic, even reggae influenced edge of creative audio. The single portrays each moment really well, taking full advantage of the benefits of structural exploration in music, moving confidently from the big moments to the gentler, more electronic riff orientated ones.

There’s a certain robotic feel to the music on occasion that comes with a touch of nostalgia. Certain sounds and effects arrive as reminiscent of old school gaming, which is always a pleasure to re-experience. Underneath all of this, the song itself feeds further into that robotic nature with a distinctly rhythmic vocal melody and an instantly memorable hook. The lines focus your attention of the final couple of words in each instance, so by the time the hook arrives, you’re expecting it, you’re anticipating it, and so it sinks in. This is a simple yet effective way of writing and it makes certain that the song will come through as familiar any time you hear it thereafter.

The gentler musical moments come with the verses rather than the chorus, so this adds to the impact of that essential section. It also keeps things interesting, always implementing change and evolution and creative freedom. The song is notably different to the previous release from Rhett Repko – Were You Ever Really Mine – perhaps more willingly taking on the experimental side of music making. That thread remains though, and the creative variation is simply a strong indication that there’s a lot of songwriting and musicality to come. It’s always refreshing to hear a new and unique take on indie music.

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