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Rachel Huggins Take Control


South-London’s Rachel Huggins knows how to artistically balance personal emotion with topical, political poignancy in a manner that engages and entertains.

Fusing the brilliantly classic vibes of disco, with a soulful and captivating series of lyrics and meandering melodies, her new single Take Control is a bold introduction to her sound, and a burst of energy and optimism regarding the future.

From the offset, these retro tones try hard to take you back – classic movie soundtracks meet with a brilliantly unusual and unique way with songwriting and sound design. Where certain layers seem decidedly vintage in this mix, certain others add a likable flicker of contemporary freedom, ultimately helping reinforce the underlying sentiments of the song; Free your mind… You can be anything that you want.

Undoubtedly bringing back the sound and style of a simpler time, but doing so in a manner that seems genuinely incomparable right now, Rachel contrasts a stylish riding bass-line with a series of lighter synths and near-falsetto vocal hits. Where the hook feels vague and accessible in an anthem-like manner, Rachel takes full advantage of the fall-away to the bridge – a quieter musical moment, laying bare the social and political intentions at the heart of the song.

Powerful writing, amidst a smooth soundscape, delivered by a vocalist with a varied and eclectic style and ability. Listen loud, and look out for the subsequent EP release KEEP DREAMING in 2020.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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