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Project Grand Slam The Queen’s Carnival


Project Grand Slam bring together a variety of musical talents to create a feel good arena of sound for audiences everywhere. The title track from their album, The Queen’s Carnival, is a joyful wave of saxophone soaked, salsa-inspired, jazz driven instrumentation – jammed and performed with great skill, and designed to lift your mood and make you want to dance.

The music gives you feeling of being somewhere far from your current moment. That is unless you’re already engaged in a Latin dance party on a warm beach somewhere – with the hazy sun setting behind you. It does what music is supposed to do, it improves your current experience of the world and allows you to let go of your troubles. The song is loaded with energetic and happy sounding notes, chords and riffs, and the rhythm created by the band as a unit is subtle yet powerful in reaching out for you.

The official video accompanying the single is one that features a Latin dance celebration in amidst shots of the band performing. The whole thing fits perfectly with the vibe of the track, the dancing and the energy within the band’s performance adds to the effect of the music significantly. You can also really see and appreciate the focus and skill required for a group to pull off a track such as this, with it’s many stops and starts and changing rhythms. There’s a lot going on within the piece, a lot of different instruments and riffs, and yet the whole thing has been performed and presented flawlessly. The band clearly have a strong connection with each other, and this is a big part of what helps the music sound so creative and interesting throughout.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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