A self-proclaimed musical chameleon, Scotty Seed takes no direction from genre or industry expectations – this album underlines the artist’s inherent creative freedom; as well as his softly soulful approach to performance, and his equally free and poetic angle when writing.

Alt PopElectronicaSongwriter

NYC’s IamOaks leads with a superb soundscape and a quickly addictive vocal rhythm on this track – throw in a smooth and memorable hook, a story-line that appeals to ambition and self-belief, and The Weekend is precisely the good-vibes track the upcoming summer months need.

Alt PopHip-Hop

Structurally the track showcases a job well done – both in terms of the production and the artist’s own performance. A live show is likely to be where things burst into brightness all the more notably, but as a recording the track is perfect for bringing those somewhat nostalgic dance-pop vibes that were so prominent just a decade or so ago.


The verses vary in pace & passion, sometimes fitting in with the laid back ambiance, other times taking the heat & energy of the writing to the absolute maximum & really letting listeners know what they’re dealing with.