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POPSTARR A Letter You Will Never Get


Explosive pop-punk vibes reignite the sound of a simpler era – alongside a clear edge of contemporary emo-rap throughout this superb collection of originals from the one and only POPSTARR

As an opener, the title-track A Letter You Will Never Get kicks things off with superb energy, emotion and immersive layers of musicality. Then there’s the switch in set-up for a fast-picked Let Go as it builds and builds the intensity and anticipation, whilst fearlessly laying bare a series of personal truths.

Stick Around is beautifully hopeful, loving and musically uplifting – the lyrics feel like a breathless outpouring of desperation and longing; a trait that rings true in small doses throughout this album. Consider the heart-breaking depths of Everybody Leaves in The End, with its fresh vocal dynamic and ambient, immersive arrangement. A definite highlight.

Need You is another easy stand-out for the calm and ambiance of that simple guitar riff that guides us in. Trap rhythms and effect-soaked vocals then keep things colourful and pop-like as the drums crash in and the energy rises. It’s an unexpectedly addictive little mid-album hit.

Run Away utilises contrast brilliantly, dropping in with a mighty pop-punk hook that’s notably heavier than all previous tracks. Is It True? later on also elevates itself with a nineties-style brightness and power-chord pace.

Having started on a high and wrapping things up perfectly to match, Angel In My Nightmare feels reminiscent of a melancholic embrace from the likes of Blink 182. Chaotically beautifully riffs rain down all around as the instrumental gathers momentum, and elsewhere that unmistakable voice, even in its heavily-effected setting, connects for its openness and vulnerability.

A Letter You Will Never Get encapsulates a whole host of deeply personal yet relatable emotions and thoughts, proving to be everything its title implies and then some. An intimately honest deep-dive into the human psyche and the effects of relationships and the world on the individual.

Great music, a brilliantly powerful and skilful take on the modern emo sound, from an artist with an increasing appeal to his style and creative reach.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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