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Another full-length album from POPMFS, this time kicking in with a clear spoken intention and an immediately energising, synth-soaked soundscape and anthem that is Long Time Coming.

Pop Is The Name goes on to tell more of Pop’s story in detail, complete with motivational aspects as much so as those drenched in realness, hardship and hard work.

Catch Up follows with an equally intense energy and passion, Pop’s confidence and lyricism working in unison to inspire and create a sense of possibility.

The whole playlist is designed to energize – to lift the mood and leave listeners feeling capable and ready to take on the world. At the same time, it’s a fine opportunity to build a stronger connection with the artist behind the music – someone with an ever-growing catalogue of professionally captured originals to his name.

Not purely focused on the grind, many of these tracks celebrate the good times – and keep the energy or passion rightfully high in the process. Weekend is a strong example, as is I Be Clean. Before this though, Po No More injects a relatable anthem and one of the most memorable hooks on the project.

Lemon Pepper is a definite highlight, this piano-led ambiance and heavy anthem brings in a classic hip hop vibe alongside something a little more creatively engaging. Then the equally unmistakable strings and bass of Not My Patna kick in to offer another recognisable anthem.

Towards the end of the album, Toast To My Haters stands out for its haunting, intense soundscape and the passionate sense of drive and self-belief inherent in the lyrics and delivery. Then we get a moment of reflective beauty and melodic embrace for the powerful, poetic Devil Don’t Take Me – another definite highlight for its integrity and openness.

The Journey Continues follows on like a clear sequel, presenting a spoken word segment to see things out the way they came in. POPMFS’ good heart, inspiring nature and self-confidence make this project what it is, and the arrangement in particularly works hard to consistently keep these qualities at the forefront.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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