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POPMFS Not My Patna


POPMFS’ return in 2019 brings a heavy beat and a gorgeously synth-driven wash of EDM as the artist aims high yet again – with a confident flow and some rhythmically captivating story-telling.

Not My Patna is a colourful and energizing single – the ability to listen at volume is a treasured part of the experience. A supremely high quality of production allows the soundscape to fill the room in the right kind of way – that electronic pulse beats hard, and meanwhile these cascading synth riffs rain down among the outer edges.

Lyrically the main takeaway from this release is indeed the hook – that leading moment where the title comes into play. The vocal tone and the rhythm of this moment, even the doubled vocal effect and the echo – all of this reinforces the hook and makes certain you’ll remember and recognise it afterwards.

As far as POPMFS releases have gone during the past twelve months, this is a huge track and an impressive step in a slightly more focused or polished direction. There’s a sense of identity to it, those contemporary hip hop layers are still present – the rhythm, the confidence, the leadership vibe and a sense of independence – but musically and indeed in the way POPMFS has structured this, the whole thing speaks volumes for originality and creative freedom. A sheer passion for the art-form has led to this. The artist feels and expresses a level of self-empowerment and of going your own way – that transfers well to the audience, so the track quickly becomes an anthem or a go-to moment of strength and possibility when the weight of the world gets a little too heavy.

In relation to the majority of hip hop releases of late, the musicality of this release is a total joy to have play for you. A welcomed and memorable start to the new year for an experienced and driven artist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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