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POPMFS Lemon Pepper


Fresh from the brand new album, blissful piano work meets with classic nineties synth and vocal layers, and the whole thing is brought to life by the unmistakable confidence and energy of Georgia’s POPMFS.

Lemon Pepper sounds like a classic gangsta rap anthem on the one hand – a big voice, a chorus or crew of voices to reinforce, a heavy beat. Then you get this reverb-kissed piano-line, which creates a strangely trip-hop-like aura, contrasting cleverly with the volume and attitude found elsewhere.

In the same instance, flickers of a Nelly and Kelly Dilemma vocal seem to throw in a little nineties RnB vibe, and all in all – the single makes its own rules and proves to be one of POPMFS most recognisable efforts yet.

The final mix is fairly simple here, just a select few layers and details, then that recognisable boom of a voice riding through it all with easy rhythm and a commanding kind of presence; as always. A personal favourite from POPMFS so far. Look out for the album on all platforms – #POPISTHENAME.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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