Joe Bland - Jaguar - Stereo Stickman

Joe Bland Jaguar


Acoustic pop-rock, with long-form vocals and a rise-up for the distorted hook – Joe Bland hits the scene with a metaphorical anthem of uniquely characterful origins.

Unplugged beginnings lay bare a relatable vocal lead and simple guitar strum for that live-acoustic mood. Jaguar then weaves its poetic web of story and sentiment, of self-empowerment and scorn, as we build towards the suddenly electric guitar-driven rock edge that is the song’s hook.

Somewhat minimalist in how stripped-back the vocal and even guitars sound, Jaguar is quite refreshingly genuine in its portrayal of both a performer and an underlying story.

The structure works well to reinforce strength of the songwriting, in unison with the unmistakable title and memorable hook, and this progression includes the effective rising anticipation of the middle-8.

Joe Bland clearly approaches things from the position of a music fan, well-versed in what works but also authentically himself on the personality and performance front.

Download or stream Jaguar here. Check out Joe Bland on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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