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Outer Space Experiment My Own Universe


Musical precision and conceptual power join forces throughout the alluring, enchanting and fiercely impactful sound of Outer Space Experiment’s My Own Universe.

Coming in at over six minutes in length, the sheer escapism and intensity of My Own Universe speaks volumes on behalf of a creative outfit devoted to the feeling and expression of a single piece.

Outer Space Experiment showcase fine utilisation of both space and detail, allowing their music to naturally evolve throughout a plethora of stages and moments, whilst maintaining those essential threads of character, riff and vocal, for that all round sense of identity and recognisable presence.

The openly collaborative project Outer Space Experiment unites three musicians from across Europe – Todor Todorov of Bulgaria on guitars, France’s Zamm Kenoby on drums, and Italy’s Eric Castiglia on vocals. The trio deliver a clear sense of oneness regarding both the underlying sentiments of the song, and the required precision and passion of playing that allows a live band sound to appear so genuine and impressive.

From delicate, droning verses, to an explosive build-up and hook, the track takes influence from post rock and grunge but also makes fine use of effective mainstream structuring for that broader audience reach.

Given the weight of the bass, drums, distortion, and the contrasting distance and reverb of the vocals as they collide and combine, My Own Universe naturally urges listeners to turn up the volume, and indeed to seek out a live show; for the true passionate escapism and volume that real music fans tend to crave.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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