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Oscar Bunnik MotM


Oscar Bunnik impresses in an instant with this infectiously engaging debut release.

Right from the start we get a soundscape and hook that quickly draw you in – a smooth bounce of a beat, crystal clear production, and a soulful vocal that delivers a seductive and memorable melody in a catchy yet calming, summer-anthem sort of manner.

Following these opening moments, the true rap core of the song kicks into gear – Oscar wasting no time in getting straight to the fast bars and story-telling in an immediately gripping way.

His vocal tone and delivery have a certain air of character to them from the offset, but lyrically is where things really step into fresh plains. If the first first doesn’t grab you, the second one will, though it all happens so fast it takes at least a second listen to truly catch every concept and reference.

MotM comes in at an uncommon four minutes thirty. This time-frame makes certain to leave room for Oscar’s story to fully develop. While many bars seem simply catered to the bulk of hip hop that seeks to inspire confidence and self-motivation, there are also a fair few clever, quirky rhymes thrown in just for fun, and there’s a fair bit of personal revelation, too; which helps listeners start to build a connection with the rapper.

Oscar’s flow is fairly unusual, meandering in its own way, squeezing entire concepts into lines regardless of space, and occasionally we just get the classic, short lines that are more prominent in contemporary hip hop and trap. The balance works well.

When all is said and done, the stunning resolve of I feel like a man on the moon echoes through the room with blissful satisfaction. It’s a powerful hook, and it provides the perfect bookends to the lyrical outpouring of Oscar’s three hard-hitting verses.

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