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On The Sly Drifting


Smooth instrumental blessings meet with softly expressive vocals, as On The Sly releases the divinely-crafted new single Drifting.

Mattias Per Larson is the artist, writing original music and creating handdrawn animations under the same AKA of On The Sly.

Drifting marks a charming introduction, a gorgeously poetic, mellow and crisp presentation, with humble, reflective vocals and a country twang to the guitars.

We then move subtly towards folk-pop with the second voice, a softer female tone from singer Karin Wier, for dynamic, the later sections cascading with varied lyrics and melodies adding a really welcomed level of originality and furthering the conceptual implications of the writing.

And still the soundscape rolls on, these Americana details of organic guitars, rhythm and the overall vibe. Drifting is an easy pleasure to let play, a little short at just past 2.5 minutes, but connecting beautifully in that brief time.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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