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O P Yeti TI:ME pm


Following on from the iconic TI:ME am, O P Yeti drifts back into view – switching the brightness of morning for a more seductive and impassioned late-night rhythm and groove.

Leading with at heavy, organic and refreshingly raw hook melody and beat, TI:ME pm brings back the O P Yeti voice but initially utilises short lines that drone through in a mellow, reflective way. The mood is calm, contemplative, the bars are as interesting as ever – perhaps all the more captivating for the poetic manner in which Yeti places himself within the concept and the feelings associated with it.

The long-form hook of the track is faultlessly performed and seems to blend a touch of classic RnB with a dash of nineties garage in its again raw and genuine presentation.

Then there’s the second verse, suddenly the passion and volume increase, the pace and energy seem to rise as the subject matter and the framing of ideas becomes all the more engaging. There’s a degree of realness to the whole thing, the development of thoughts, the contemporary fragments reimagined amidst a clear sense of identity.

Coming in at close to five minutes, TI:ME pm slowly but surely grips its audience – increasingly so as the latter half takes hold. You can’t simply listen once, there are threads, connections between every bar – the entire track has purpose, and this becomes more and more evident as the final hook approaches.

An easy anthem but also a refreshingly alternative, creative and clever take on modern hip hop. Reigniting the intelligence and quiet confidence of the genre from way back when, only with a distinct and memorable air of individuality. O P Yeti is swiftly building a recognisable image and voice that will naturally stand out – well worth tuning in for.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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