O P Yeti - TI:ME am - Stereo Stickman

O P Yeti TI:ME am


Vintage good vibes create a classic jazz and hip hop rhythm for lo-fi immersion as O P Yeti delivers a blissfully soulful TI:ME am.

Immediately retro, nostalgic in presenting a yesteryear crackle and cinematic scene that quickly embraces the listener, TI:ME am impresses from the outset but soon goes on to take things from great to even greater.

O P Yeti injects a refreshingly clever, self-aware and intricate manner of rap writing and vocal delivery – elevating the single from simple, creative musicality to intentional and provocative realms.

The whole thing inspires, prompts you to listen more closely – Yeti’s poetic references, the way he frames each bar and idea, all holds attention with ease.

Despite the mellow pace and seductive groove of the soundscape, complete with sax, vintage keys and subtle rhythms – even the soulful RnB vocal for the unexpected latter-half breakaway – there’s an intense outpouring to the verses. A single listen is far from enough to catch every point and every line Yeti throws into the mix.

Brilliant, a refreshingly interesting, musically satisfying and lyrically powerful new release, from an artist who promises to keep things unique in modern hip hop.

An uplifting single, reminding you to focus on the things that matter, before time runs out.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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