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Nw Jetski Inspired


Making his comeback with a melodic and euphoric rap single, Nw Jetski sets the mood and varies his flow with the uplifting, aptly-titled Inspired.

Distorted synths make for a quickly energising arrangement that meets with the bass-line and beet to raise the roof and create a dreamy space all at once.

Meanwhile Nw Jetski weaves his story, emo-rap vocal stylings meandering through the various moments of a one-minute-forty lifespan. Things get intimate, poetic in short bursts and maintaining a rhythmic appeal all the while, before progressing towards rightfully inspiring undertones.

Scene-setting and dialogue outtakes unite with a rise and fall melodic rap, before the whole thing ultimately resolves to that title-line and fade out.

The beat is strong, the musicality works well to elevate things, and the quietly-mixed, somewhat humble vocal is refreshing alongside this. In short, Inspired is a thoughtful, stylish comeback single for the Miami artist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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