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Numadik Blood In, Blood Out


Sublime production allows the soulful intricacies and melodic smoothness of this project to really embrace listeners.

Instantly calming for its crisp guitar line and smooth bass and beat combination, Blood In – Blood Out soon makes sure to weave in an increasing level of personality, firstly with these vocal harmonies and heartfelt lyrics, later with the grittier intensity of a passionate rap flow.

Structurally effective in never lingering on one moment for too long, Let You Down kicks off the EP on a level that unites nostalgia and newness, and introduces Numadik as a broadly influenced but ultimately original act.

Feelings emerges next and leads with a lo-fi crackle and intimate RnB vocal sound. The vibe is less bright, more chilled-out but with longer-form lyrical progressions, and as ever the guitar-sound keeps things organic.

Rap bars play a more central role in carving out a story of broken hearts and desire, always resolving well and switching gears effectively for a more classic Hip Hop sound during the latter half.

For Purgery, the ambient opening is familiar now, and again the lyrics offer instant reflection – though with increasing scorn and an overall sense of self-empowerment and overcoming. Another rap flow adds subtle versatility, as does the unexpected contrast between this and a distinctly breathy, nearly-whispered hook.

Later on, Never Did delivers one of the project’s most addictively rhythmic and catchy tracks. Again looking back with equal parts desire and regret, the song digs into this general concept of Blood In – Blood Out in a gripping manner. The intensity rises throughout, meanwhile the cool jazz undertones maintain a smooth sense of stillness to juxtapose that passion and energy. A defiant highlight from the EP.

Wrapping things up in a similar fashion to which they began, Broke & In Love features a distant chorus of voices, with a spoken-word front-line that delves into the story of the modest romantic. RnB and Classic Rap intertwine for a bold and beautiful look at modern love. Quirky lyrics shine light on a whole other side to the sharp and stylish approach of Numadik.

Refreshingly honest, soulful and confident in its vulnerability and musicianship alike, Blood In – Blood Out works hard to bridge the gap between both genres and musical eras. Numadik capture the thoughtful writing of today, whilst employing a timeless and organic musicality that captivates for its clear and genuine presentation.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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