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Norwood Cheek to Cheek


Nostalgic dance flavours bring together layers of synth, rhythm and voice throughout this funk-kissed new collaborative release.

A floor-filler by design, featuring organic musicianship like sax and cleanly mixed vocals, alongside electronic production and cinematic detail that keeps things contemporary, Cheek To Cheek sets the mood with ease, and follows this up with an undeniably catchy number.

Featuring the combined talents of International Pride star Norwood, legendary dance diva Terri B!, and renowned disco duo The Weather Girls, Cheek To Cheek leads with faultless and passionately devoted vocals.

The release is something of an ode to simpler times, as well as to intimacy, and in the same instance delivers a clear sense of character and a lasting appreciation or love for the things that make life great.

From a stylistic and production perspective, Cheek To Cheek keeps things absolutely professional and pristinely crafted from start to finish. It’s a track that urges you to listen at volume, to escape into the positivity and energy entirely as a means of lifting your mood and creating a night to remember, and the mix has more than reached the high bar required for that.

Coming in at just under the three-minute mark, the infectious energy and performative theatrics of Cheek To Cheek make sure to connect from the outset, and as things progress the song and the positivity of the overall groove envelop the listener more than ever.

Something of a timeless hit with a fresh twist of identity, combining the vocal presence of three celebrated artists well and truly on the rise, Cheek To Cheek kicks off the summer season in style.

Produced by Torsten Abrolat, Jochen Muller & Terri B!, released on Top 10 Dance Label Carillo Music, Cheek To Cheek will be available from June 10th. Check out Norwood on Facebook & Instagram or visit the Website.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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