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Norse Foundry Zero Gravity (Royalty Free Instrumentals)


Creatively pure and beautifully colourful, not to mention thoughtful in that the music is available to streamers free from the DMCA upper hand – Norse Foundry gift the world a brand new album of uplifting originals.

Zero Gravity as a full-length project introduces a refreshingly melodic, multi-layered way with composition and production. Moon Gaze is the opener and starts things up with a retro-electro, gentle funk vibe that sets the mood with ease. Lo-fi rhythms and flickers of jazz help light up the progression – and with a breath of optimism and calm, we’re off on our journey.

An early highlight is easily the happy go lucky brightness and groove of Sapphire Lotus – a quickly catchy piece of music, with a certain infectious joyfulness about it.

Featuring equal parts electronic and organic layers, from guitar to keys to synths, warped riffs and sound-play, the album manages to maintain a certain energy level but also keep things impressively eclectic.

Great Day toys with rhythm, a stop-start feel and a descending chord pattern, fuzzy bass and a lighter, almost nineties TV-show-style melody on the top line. It’s the kind of music that does indeed set you off towards a great day – no strings attached, just good vibes, good music, and a good feeling that things will be alright.

One final highlight from the twelve-track collection is the delicate, keys-led creativity of Eclipse. Stylishly ambient, not unlike the trip hop instrumentals of a simpler era – Lemon Jelly, as an example. There’s a hypnotic softness to it all, the quick fingers on the keys intermittently adding a comforting hint of familiarity. It’s peaceful, organic, lightly rhythmic for a sense of movement but still there’s an easy pathway to stillness found in listening.

The entire album in fact leads you towards this – stillness, inner peace and confidence. A pleasure to listen through, and an easy must if you’re looking for some original tunes to back up your new video.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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