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Nomina Never Change


Tribal electronic rhythms and enchanting synths pave the way for this alternative dance-pop anthem from the one and only Nomina.

Celebrating the good times and embracing the moment in style, an ever-purposeful Nomina blends genres and cultures throughout the simultaneously fast-paced and dreamy Never Change.

Featuring a quick synth riff of relentless presence in the backdrop, injecting a sense of fast-paced progression, the song offers cinematic detailing that suits the long commute or the shifting scene.

Next to this, the vocal meanders from trip hop to RnB to dancehall, with a rap introduction later on – a second vocalist, presenting further dynamic to hold interest and appeal across the latter half.

Hypnotic for its arrangement, accessible for its pop-kissed hook and the repeat of ‘Tonight…’ with its subsequent listing format, Never Change hits like an alternative yet timeless anthem.

Confident performances and that off-beat movement all helps make this an easy one to enjoy, the instrumental outro elevating things all the more so, allowing for even stronger immersion and escapism as the four-minute thirty-six journey rounds up.

Following on from a string of eclectic releases, the new single shines further light on the extraordinary versatility and creative freedom of Nomina, delivering a dance-pop track of timeless presence and quirky, alternative traits combined for that truly extensive audience reach.

Single out December. Check out Nomina on Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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