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Nomina Luthando Lo


Artist and songwriter Nomina returns to start off the new year with a beautifully world-infused ode to unconditional love.

Luthando Lo, translating as this is love, follows a contemporary take on a tribal rhythm, before exploring the concept of love and our connection to the universe and everything in it. Never has there been a more relevant time to be reminded of these ideas, and Nomina makes stunningly blissful work of it.

Reminding us of those ever hypnotic vocals, offering multiple layers increasingly as these poetic observations and dreamlike reflections pour through, Luthando Lo creates a dance-like realm of pulsating movement – presenting a trance-like state as the music builds and builds.

That tribal, world-music core shines more brightly as things progress, the song enveloping listeners in this growing sense of brightness and energy – perfectly encapsulating the concept of oneness and co-existence in a wholly artistic manner.

Nomina always impresses with her original music, not just the performance and the writing, but the structure, the intention, and the production. Luthando Lo speaks volumes on behalf of the talent and soul that goes into it all.

A beautiful song, timeless and powerful, immersive and engaging.

Single out February 19th. Find & follow Nomina on Facebook, YouTube & Instagram or visit her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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