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Noella Rain Bare


Noella Rain gets quietly candid about contemporary insecurities and self-esteem on this latest single. Bare is an appropriately stripped-back piece of music, an acoustic guitar and Noella’s own emotionally meandering vocal are all that’s needed to let the inner strength of the song and indeed the artist shine brightly.

As the track builds, certain subtleties help reinforce an uplifting shift from melancholy and uncertainty to optimism and possibility. The beat comes in to assist this sense of moving away from difficulty – wash it all off; start over from scratch and remind yourself of who you are and that you’re beautiful regardless.

The song’s natural message is one that’s always been valuable but perhaps holds a little more realness and poignancy in today’s Instagram-driven world of quick snaps and popular aesthetics. What helps that message feel all the more genuine is Noella’s personal and intimate, upfront delivery and presentation style, and the fact that the entire track works artistically as a unit to highlight the underlying sentiment of moving away from the weight of expectation or feelings of being less than – moving towards personal strength and a belief in better.

Noella’s voice and the entire arrangement of this track are the driving forces, but its the ideas – this concept of starting again and letting yourself become bare and free from the confines of societal standards – these are what linger with you after listening. It will be interesting to hear where else the music takes Noella Rain in the near future.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. Thank you! What an extraordinary writer you are! You captured her so well! As a 16 year-old who’s been through a lot, you brought great encouragement! What a gift you give others in this way!

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